The End of an Era

When I was in college, I got the nickname, “Mom”.  This was for a few reasons.

One was because I did Bob’s fraternity brothers’ laundry.  I mean…they paid me.  It wasn’t for free or anything.  I even had a whole system set up.  It was my little laundry business for beer money.

Another reason was because I guess I acted kind of “parental” to some of our friends.  You know…caring, giving advice, sharing wisdom, etc.

But I think the main reason people called me Mom is because I drove a mini van.

A Dodge Caravan to be exact.

“Mini-me” if you will. (Caravan – KARAvan, get it?)

Some may mock, but it was awesome!  Virginia Tech was 6 hours from my parents’ house, but having a mini van meant I had the storage of an SUV but with great gas mileage.  Not to mention having a mini van was ideal for piling tons of people into it to go to a party or DD have someone else DD on the weekends.

Well…let’s just say the girl has seen better days.  The last few years I have had to repair the air conditioning in the warm months and the heat in the cold months.  Before Clark was born, my dad sold us his old car so I have primarily been using that one anyway.

So we decided to sell the van.  We knew we wouldn’t get a lot for it, but we took it to CarMax on Monday and said “Farewell”.  I may or may not have shed a few tears.  😦

So long Old Friend.  It’s been fun!

Obligatory sorority squat

Clark thought this meant it freed up a parking space for his new ride that he found in the waiting area.

Road Warrior

“Fill ‘er up, Daddy”

It really was a great car filled with so many memories.  I’m gonna miss it.  

In other news…we made a home improvement purchase last night that I am SO excited about!!  Too bad I won’t be able to show it off for another couple months.