Baby J – 19 weeks!

19weeksWOW!!  I’m basically half-way there!  (Since I’ll have to have an early C-section).  It seems like in comparison to my pregnancy with Clark, this one is flying by!

Big news!!  I can feel Baby J moving around in there!!  Only when I’m lying down and being pretty still.  Or after I’ve had something sweet to eat or drink.  It’s such a cool feeling that reminds me how special this time is.

I’ve got a sonogram on Tuesday so next week I’ll share a picture.

We are off to a wedding this weekend and Clark is going to stay with Bob’s parents the night of so we’ll get some adult time.  Love this bugger, but I’m looking forward to a kid-free night.clark-highchairHope everyone has a great weekend!  Enjoy this beautiful weather!!!




Post-Wedding Fun #1! (Guest Blogger)

As I mentioned yesterday, the babies fell asleep at the ceremony and were down for the count.  Since I had to miss most of the reception, my sister Ellen volunteered to guest blog about it:

While the youngins were being tucked into bed in the hotel room, downstairs at the wedding reception, the music was bumpin’……….

El didn’t let her broken toe slow her down on the dance floor.   She even was able to drag our dad out there for a few minutes before he let go and scurried back to wall-flower status.

Sam showed off his signature move, the “finger pointing.”

Our mom and aunt, the “Barlow girls,” looked hott and were breakin’ it down.

Some sweet friends of the groom actually assisted our 88 year old grandpa and offered him a “walker dance.”  He even cracked a smile for the picture.

And the new Mr. & Mrs. Hodges couldn’t have looked happier.

Thanks for all the pictures and captions Ellen!

Wedding Day!!

Saturday morning we hung by the pool again while some of us (cough, cough…Bob) recovered from the night before.  (In his defense, we discovered that the Advil he took that morning, was actually a sleep aid pill.  Whoops!!  Let’s just say he got a really good nap that day!!)

We had a late lunch at a Mexican restaurant with the kiddos.  Luckily they had a small outdoor space perfect for Jo to run around.  Clark can’t wait till he can join her!

The food was okay, but the company was better!

After lunch we hit up a cute baby/kids boutique and got some frozen yogurt.  Then we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.

We sort of overestimated how much time we had to get ready and found ourselves running around the hotel room rushing to make ourselves look presentable.

I’d say we pulled it off though.

Except Sally forgot her headband!!


There were no pictures permitted during the ceremony, but Ellen snagged this one of the beautiful bride beforehand.

By the end of the ceremony, the babies were sleeping, but we got a great Dreibelbis family photo.The reception was at our hotel, but since the babies were sleeping, Sally and I called it a night to keep an eye on the little ones.

Since we are so lame, Ellen volunteered to guest blog about the reception!!  That’ll get posted tomorrow so stayed tuned!






Rehearsal Dinner

We got to Dallas on Friday with enough time for a quick swim at my aunt’s house before heading to the hotel and getting ready for the rehearsal dinner.

The rehearsal dinner was held at my aunt’s country club.  It started with a little cocktail hour which we used to take plenty of pictures!

My cousins:  Hayden (the groom) and Sheldon (the Captain).

A blurry picture of Ellen and my dad.

A girls picture.  That’s my niece, Jo.  She’s a handful, but OH-so adorable!!

Like father, like son pictures.

My big sister wrangling the little ones.

My 88 year old grandfather playing with Clark.We moved into the dining area for dinner.  It was delicious!  

My aunt assigned the seating so that we were split up and were able to meet some new people at our tables.  It was a great idea.

The cousins, my brother and one of the groomsmen.

My aunt Kathleen, Erin (the bride)’s parents, aka the Rowdy Dowdys, and her brother.

My parents.

Sheldon and his girlfriend, Kate.  We got to know her pretty well since she stayed at the lake house after the wedding too.  We all approve! 🙂

After dinner, there were speeches.  Of all varieties.  Some were funny.Some were heart-felt.

This was a game by two of Erin’s friends.  Hayden and Erin sat back-to-back in chairs and traded one of their shoes.  They were asked some questions like

Who’s a better driver?


Who said I love you first?

They raised a shoe to answer.  It was so cute and funny to see which answers they agreed on and which ones they didn’t.

Dessert was sooo good.  I had too many brownies!

The whole night went so well and we all couldn’t wait to see these two get hitched the next night.