I love Craigslist.  I can’t say we have used it for very much, but the things we have gotten off of it have been great deals!

For instance, back in 2008 (right after we got married and Bob moved in with me), we got our couches:DSC00668Before that, I literally did not have couches in the apartment.  Just a bunch of chairs to sit in while watching TV.  Bob hated it!

Anyway, I’ve been in search of a buffet or dresser to go in our living room under our “photo gallery”.  You can see where I mean in this blurry picture.DSC01717(That’s Ainsley.  Clark’s long-distance baby girlfriend.  Miss you guys!!)

Anyway, under the pictures was chair, end table, chair.  You can see that in the background of this picture.DSC02240It was nice to have a couple extra chairs for when we entertain, but other than that, the setup was not very functional.  Clark would occasionally play with his Little People on the end table…photo-11But when he started crawling up on the table, we figured it was time to put something else there.  Plus we needed storage!  We could ALWAYS use more storage!

So back to Craigslist.  I got really excited when I found this:Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 6.52.29 PMThere was a number to text with questions so I did.  This was the initial conversation:

Me: Hi! I found your posting on Craigslist and am interested in your red buffet/dresser.  Wondering what you are asking for it.

Craig (not really the seller’s name, just using it for anonymity): We are accepting reasonable offers.

Me: Do you have the dimensions?

Craig: 72″ x 20″ x 31.5″, solid wood, hand-painted red/gold hardware in Sept 2012, 2 cabinets, 3 drawers.

I measured to make sure the piece would fit and it seemed perfect.  Now, obviously I was interested, but waited for Bob to come home to show him the picture and make sure he approved before I made an offer.

When I used the search bar on Craigslist to show Bob, this posting came up:Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 7.20.57 PMFirst of all, $450????  Uh…no thanks!  I was giving myself a budget of about a third of that!!  Not to mention, the posting says $450 and then gives a price of $600 at the bottom.  Do you see that??  So I gave up.

Bob had off on Monday and we ran some errands and stopped by a few antique/thrift stores to see if they had anything we’d be interested in.  No dice.  But as we were getting ready to head home, guess who sent me a text.

Craig: Are you still interested in the red buffet?  Asking $300 or best offer.

Was Craig desperate?  I wasn’t sure, but $300 was still too high for us.  So I responded with this text.

Me: 100 is the most I can offer.

Craig’s response?

Craig: When can you pick it up?

WHAT?!?  Was Craig accepting my low ball offer?  Sweet!  But then, was it too good to be true?  I showed Bob and he reminded me that we didn’t have a way to transport such a big piece.  Since getting rid of my mini van (sniff, sniff), neither of our cars were big enough.  Hmmm…

Before I made anything final I asked a few more questions.

Me: Where are you located?

Craig: About 5 min from the Inner Harbor.

Me: Will it fit in an SUV?

Craig: It should. 

I told Craig I would have to get back to him later that day and I called Dave (Bob’s cousin) to ask to borrow his SUV.  During that time, Craig tried to weasel an extra $50 from me.

Craig: Can you stretch to $150?

My adrenaline was really pumping at this point from bringing the price down so much already, so I shot back

Me: Sorry…100 is the most I can do.

Then I didn’t hear from Craig for like….15 minutes.  Oh no! I started getting worried that I lost the deal.  I was relieved when Craig finally sent

Craig: Can you pick it up tomorrow?

Making sure we could borrow Dave’s car, we were finally able to make arrangements to get it.  Dave even helped us with the pick up and bringing it to our house.  Thank goodness ’cause this baby is pretty heavy!

Here she is in all her red glory in her new home!DSC02760And a little closer.DSC02759Now, these pictures don’t quite capture the fire engine red that she’s sporting at the moment.  Oh, here’s a close up.DSC02761It’s definitely too bright and bold for our liking and the cabinet and drawer pulls are too ornate for us.  BUT…we knew that we would want to refinish it and we have big plans for her!  The size is just perfect and we really needed all that beautiful storage!  I’d love to give her a makeover before Clark’s birthday party, but that may be pushing it.  Either way, stay tuned to see how she turns out!

Aren’t you so impressed with my madd negotiating skills?  I guess it was more just luck, but I’m pretty proud of myself!!  Can you tell?