Buffet Makeover: Part 2

Our Craigslist buffet is trucking its way towards completion.  We left off with her sanded and ready for paint.DSC02776Okay, so in this picture, she’s not QUITE ready for paint.  Sadly, I didn’t capture her in the buff.

Also, I forgot to mention that we removed all the hardware (knobs, hinges, etc.).  I wasn’t a big fan, so we will probably donate them.

Before we slapped her new coat on, we had to clean her up a bit.  First we used a vacuum hose to get a lot of the sawdust and debris.  Then, gave her a thorough wipe with these tack cloths.DSC02780They are a little sticky (tacky, duh!) so they picked up any dust that we may have missed with the vacuum.  You probably could just use a damp cloth or even some de-glosser to achieve the same result: a clean surface.

After she was wiped down, we moved the buffet back into the living room on top of a couple drop cloths and some “stilts” (a couple of 2×4’s to paint along the bottom).  You’ll see what I mean in the pictures.

The paint we got had built-in primer so we just dove right in.  As I mentioned before, we chose to go with Behr Ultra Semi Gloss (with built-in primer) in Night Owl.  We used a brush for the trim work and along edges.  And on the flat surfaces, we used a small roller.DSC02781You can see in this photo that we didn’t sand the edges.  That would have been a heck of a lot of work by hand and using the electric hand sander could have damaged the trim work.  We did wipe it down with the de-glosser to be sure that our paint would stick.DSC02786Same goes for the drawer fronts.DSC02791Now, I know it looks like Bob did all the work, but that’s only because I’m the one who takes the pictures.  The proof?  My glass of wine, right next to the paint can!

Mmmm...Cab Sav!  Can't DIY without it!

Mmmm…Cab Sav! Can’t DIY without it!

Here’s what she looked like after her first coat.DSC02783 DSC02784See how you can see some of the red peeking through?  We knew we would have to apply at least a second coat.  So we waited about an hour or so and gave it another layer of paint.  Turns out, 2 coats was all we needed.  Thank you, built-in primer!!DSC02804

After everything had dried, we put the drawers back in so that Clark would stop knocking them over and chipping our beautiful work!  BUT, I realized we weren’t quite done.  Here’s a close up where we missed a few places that we thought would be covered by the drawers.


And a couple chips, courtesy of my baby boy!

Oops!  No biggie, I just removed the drawers again (2 days later), and painted those areas.  I also decided to paint the sides of the drawers so they are the same color when pulled out.DSC02817Another place you can see I tackled is behind the cabinet doors.  Let me take you on that journey…

I stared at it like this for a couple days trying to decide what to do with them.


Clark has been using these shelves to play on. I guess he was trying to hide his socks from us.

I thought it would be so cool to have a little surprise when you open the cabinet doors.  Not something cray cray, just something different than the grey.  So I tried white.  We have a lot of semi gloss off the shelf white left over from painting all the trim in our entire house!!  I got to about here and decided it was a bad idea.


BTW…check out my “stilts”

It could have been really cool except for a couple things:

1. The semi gloss white did NOT have a built-in primer, thus making it much harder to cover the “red velvet”. Who knows how many coats it would have taken to get a crisp finish.

2. Speaking of crisp, there wasn’t a definite edge on the side closest to the drawers for me to transition from the white to the grey.  (does that make sense?) Even with a roller, I just wasn’t getting the crisp edge that I envisioned.  So I made it easier on myself (and Bob, who had to listen to me talking/arguing with myself for a solid day and a half), and just went with the grey.  DSC02820I love it!  I’m glad we ended up there.

So now the buffet looks like this.DSC02823I am debating on putting the cabinet doors back on or not.  Clark likes to play on the shelves and now that they are painted, they look pretty good.  Bob thinks we should put them back on and to be honest, we need the hidden storage space.  Plus, we could always put them back on now, then remove them if we change our minds.

Also, new knobs are ordered!!  I’m pretty stoked about them!  We will have to fill the existing holes and drill new ones for them, so I’ll let you know how that works for us.  Yay!  We are getting there!  Here’s a little side by side of before and in progress shots so you can see how far this baby has come.


I can’t wait for the finished product!  What do you think so far?