The Way He Is

ThewayheiscollageWith the new baby coming, I have been trying to soak up my time with Clark lately.  Just like it was hard for me to imagine becoming a mom, it’s hard for me to imagine being a mom of two!  Right now, Clark is my world, and having the blessing to be at home with him every day has given me the privilege to get to know every little thing about him.  He is growing up so fast (as it seems children do…) and I just want to remember some of my favorite things about him right now.

The way he says ‘shoes’.  He has started saying a handful of actual words and a couple of them just crack me up.  He says ‘shoes’ a lot.  When he does, for some reason his voice goes up at least 2 octaves and he drags out the ‘ew’ sound.  ‘SHeeeewwwwws’  It’s so cute and funny!  He’s also really into putting on both mine and Bob’s shoes lately and attempting to walk in them.  Clarkshoes

His independence/bravery.  I absolutely love spending time with Clark, but let’s just be honest…  There are plenty of times that I need  to be away from him to get housework done, make a quick phone call, or even take a shower!  With him, it’s easy because he totally doesn’t mind playing independently.  He’ll go in his room and browse through whatever books are on the floor, play with toys, or open all his drawers and rearrange stuff (not my favorite game).  It’s great to get some breathing room.  Now, I have to admit that I do have a love/hate relationship with this part of Clark.  It makes him really brave, so he takes risks that sometimes make me sweat.  I’m the type of parent that knows full well that he will get bumps and bruises and maybe even a broken bone or two some day.  I’m actually totally okay with it and think that it’s part of growing up to experience those things.  (Clark knows to “rub it out” when he gets a bump of some sort.)  But it would not surprise me if this kid is the first of his age group to have an ER visit due to injury.  Like for breaking an arm jumping off the couch or something.  Just sayin’….braveClark

How helpful he is.  I’ve mentioned before how much Clark loves the Swiffer.  He’s really helpful with other things though too.  Whenever Bob or I come home with groceries, he gets really excited.  He starts pulling things out of the bags and putting them in the fridge (he thinks everything goes in there).  We assist him with some things of course (eggs?), but for most of it we just point to where it goes and he puts it away.  He helps me unload the dishwasher too.  Unfortunately, he can’t reach where we keep most of our dishes, so he’ll hand me plates/bowls, etc. and I just put them in the cabinets.  Another favorite of his is wiping things.  I could give him a damp paper towel or rag and he would be entertained for at least 30 minutes wiping anything from the floor and furniture to his toys.  Of course, since he’s a toddler, he sometimes thinks he’s helping when he isn’t.  Like when he tries to fill Bruno’s food bowl himself and the kibble goes all over the floor.  But it’s so cute that he wants to help.Clarkhelper

His dance moves.  I think a video is in order.  The kid loves to dance and he puts on music every chance he gets.  Hopefully he has better moves than mom and dad as he gets older.

(Yes, that’s a bottle of Jack Daniels.  Don’t worry, he can’t reach it!)

His kisses.  My absolute most favorite thing about Clark is that he is so lovable.  He is very generous with his kisses!  Even if he’s meeting someone new, we can almost always get him to at least blow a kiss.  Since we converted his crib to a toddler bed a few weeks ago (more on that later), he’s able to get in and out of bed on his own.  So in the mornings, he crawls out of bed and into our room and wakes us up by giving us kisses.  There’s always an audible ‘muuaahh’ involved too.  I just love it!  Bruno is no stranger to a Clark kiss either.  It’s the first thing Clark does when we go downstairs in the mornings.  (Bruno sleeps on the couches in our living room.)ClarkBrunokissI don’t know how long these things will last, but I want to remember them.  Love him so much and can’t wait to see what kind of little boy he’ll be in a few months from now!


Clark or Cinderella?

Clark has recently found interest in “helping” me with the house work.  When I’m folding laundry, he loves to pick up pieces of clothes and kind of pretend he’s folding them.  He has learned to open the door where we keep the trashcan and he LOVES to throw things away.  A couple weeks ago, I moved all the furniture in the living room to sweep, vacuum, and Swiffer the floors.  Glad I had my little helper to give me a hand.

He’s getting so big!  Remember THIS? I can’t believe that was almost a year ago!  

P.S. Clark should totally be a Swiffer spokes-baby!  

Busta Move

Recently, Clark has been gettin’ down with his bad self every time he hears music.  I think it’s adorable so I often play music on Pandora throughout the day.  I was able to catch some of his moves (really just one move) on camera.

And from the front:

I think he really has ‘moves like Jagger’!  (Not that I’m biased or anything!)  Bob loves to dance with him when he gets home from work.  It’s so sweet!

Okay so I know I still owe a post with the finished buffet.  Promise I’ll get to that soon!  I also have a super easy art project/craft to share, so stay tuned!

Just Keep Swimming…

(Name that movie…)

Clark and I had our first Mommy & Me swim class last night!  He has been a water baby since his first time in a pool back in May.  Since then, he has swam in pools, a lake in Texas, and even dipped his toes in the ocean while we were in Florida over the holidays.

Bob’s cousin, Dave won 6 free weeks of Mommy and Me swim classes at a silent auction back in December.  It was one of the coolest Christmas gifts we got this year!  I called them immediately and signed up for their next available session.

But first, a hilarious story from my childhood:  When we were little, my mom put my siblings and I on the swim team at our country club.  We were never any good and always just swam the exhibition races.  But it was kind of fun to go to the away meets and play cards and eat FunDip while we weren’t swimming.  Well…when I was maybe 5 or 6 years old, one meet I was placed in an exhibition 25 meter (one length of the pool) back stroke race.

I really didn’t care about winning (because I was terrible and it didn’t count anyway) and I always hated the back stroke.  For some reason, I closed my eyes during the race even though I was on my back AND had goggles on.  This meant I didn’t realize that halfway down the lane, I somehow managed to turn myself around and started swimming in the opposite direction!!  My mom said everyone was yelling, “TURN AROUND!”, but my ears were also submerged under water and I obviously only heard muffled cheering!  I reached the wall, opened my eyes to see what place I got and only then did I finally see that I was right back at the start!!  They even made me turn around again and finish!  HOW EMBARRASSING!!

Here’s hoping Clark doesn’t get MY swimming skills!

Anyway, my sister came up from Bethesda for the night last night, so she was able to come observe the lesson and (BONUS!!) take some pictures and videos!photo-38He looks like such a big boy!!!  Baywatch hunk?photo-40Ready for our lessons!!!

photo-39 photo-19

And a little video…

If you ask me, I think he’s a natural!  Watch out Michael Phelps!!  Can’t wait to see how much he learns in the next 5 weeks!

P.S.  We are 95% finished with the Craigslist buffet.  Hopefully I can get the finished product posted by the end of this week.

P.P.S.  How is it possible that my baby will be ONE YEAR OLD on Friday?!?!?!


Clark the Builder

Clark has these great blocks from Land of Nod.  We play with them in his room a lot.  When he was a little younger (like crawling age), Bob would stack the blocks really tall and Clark thought it was hilarious to knock them over and hear them crash to the floor.  Last night, he impressed us with his own stacking skills.

His tallest tower was probably about 5 – 6 blocks high.  I’m so proud of our baby boy!  I can’t believe how much he is growing and learning every day.

Living Room Laps

Clark cracks me up some times.  Today, he was having trouble deciding what he wanted to do, what he wanted to play with, and how he wanted to get from one place to the next.  So he just started crawling/walking in laps around the living room.  Check out this cutie!

The video quality isn’t great because I took it on my new Iphone (by “new” I mean my sister’s used Iphone4, but I’m so excited about it)!!  Can you believe how well he’s walking?  He’s funny about that too.  He tries to walk everywhere!!  When did my baby get so big! AHH!