A Memorable Memorial Weekend

Bob’s Mom, Mary, is in New Zealand with his sister, Leslie, and our sister-in-law, Lauren.  They are keeping a blog so that we can stay in the loop of what’s going on over there.  [UPDATE: It took me so long to write this post that the girls actually got back from New Zealand this past weekend]  But in the meantime, Bob’s dad, Earl was pretty lonely in the house.  So Bob and I and his two brothers, Jason (Lauren’s husband) and Brian decided to make the trip to Pittsburgh for last weekend.  The brothers get the award for longest distance since they had to fly up from Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  BUT, we traveled with a baby so…we win.

It was an awesome weekend.  Unfortunately, I only captured it in pictures up to Saturday night.  I’m terrible at remembering to take pictures.

On Friday, Dave came over around 3pm to help me pack up the car (and water our plants).  THANKS DAVE!!  It’s crazy how much stuff you have to pack for such a tiny human (especially one that spits up as much as OUR tiny human): Stroller, Pack N Play, Burp Cloths, Baby Carrier, Car Seat, Burp Cloths, Bibs, Diapers, Wipes, Burp Cloths, etc…, Burp Cloths!!

Then Bob came home shortly after that.  We all hopped in the car and headed to Pittsburgh.  It only took us, oh…almost SIX HOURS!!  We hit the road just in time to hit the three-day weekend rush hour traffic.

About 2.5 hours into the trip and it was an Arby’s dinner for me, Bob, and Dave.  Clark ate during the stop too. I may or may not have flashed the family of five who pulled their mini van into the parking space next to ours.  You are welcome mom of the nine year old boy who now is disgusted by boobs.

After a much needed diaper change, we were back on the road.

We got to Bob’s parents’ house around 9:45p.  We were greeted by Grandpa Earl, Uncles Brian and Jason, and a few of their high school friends.  Along with a couple cold beers (much appreciated!)  After Earl and Uncle Bri got their fix of the main man, Clark and I hit the hay.

We all stayed in Aunt Leslie’s room and I must say…I am going to have to buy some blackout fabric to sew to the back of Clark’s curtains.  He slept like a champ!

Saturday morning we put on our swimming gear and headed to Aunt Kathy’s house.  Clark’s first time in the pool!!

DSC00622 DSC00623

Verdict: Clark is a fan!

After the initial shock of the giant bath tub, he really seemed to love it.  He kicked and splashed around until he wore himself out.


He decided to take a nap for pretty much the rest of the afternoon.  Good idea, Clark.  We planned on going to the Pirates game that night so we were glad he snoozed in his stroller inside in the air conditioning.

Plus, when he woke up he got to meet Skipper.  Such a special moment.  Skipper is Mary’s cousin.

Clark was obviously quite comfortable.DSC00636

We headed back to Bob’s parents’ house to bathe and get ready for the game.

This is where we learned just how awesome our baby is!  First of all, he knew to take a nap on the way in to the city.  When we got there, we “tailgated” in a parking garage for about an hour before the game started.  (Until we got caught and reprimanded by the parking garage security guard.)

The group going to the game consisted of our little family of three, Bob’s two brothers Jason and Brian, and a handful of Bob’s cousins.  🙂  In all, there were about 15 of us.  Our seats, I kid you not, were in the top row of the ball park.

Well…….they were supposed to be.  But having a baby apparently means you get all kinds of perks!

As we were heading into the game, Bob and I ran into a family friend, Mrs. Brown.  She was with her husband and another couple.  She was THRILLED to meet Clark and since they had a couple of extra tickets, they invited us to sit with them….

about 50 rows directly behind home plate!!!!

As Bob would say

We were calling balls and strikes!

Thanks so much Mrs. Brown!!

We stayed there until the bottom of the 5th.  Then decided we should join the group up in the peanut gallery.

It was breezy up there and just as fun since we were with the group.  We also asked some of Bob’s high school friends to meet up with us.  Justin was a groomsman in our wedding.  He and Julie were excited to meet our little man.

Pirates won with a hit batter walking in a run.  It was a bit anti-climactic.  By this time, it was getting pretty late but it was fireworks night.  And since Clark was asleep in Justin’s arms, we decided to stay to watch them.

Pictures don’t do the show justice.

Guess who woke up to watch.

I cried.

I’m pretty sure people were judging us for having our kid out so late, but we will never forget this night.  It was so fun and special for us!

After the game, Brian wanted to wear Clark in the Bjorn to see if he could pick up chicks.  

It totally worked.

Clark “slept through the night” for the first time that night.  Maybe because he didn’t technically get to bed till 1am.

Next morning Bob went golfing with friends and Clark and I went to church with Aunt Leslie’s fiance, Kev.  Of course, Clark likes to start crying/talking/screaming when the sermon starts, so he and I listened to it from the lobby.  Also, when I left the sanctuary, I didn’t grab the diaper bag, so I didn’t have the bottle I had packed for him OR my hooter-hider.  I THOUGHT I found a secret/private space outside around the corner of the church to nurse him.  Turns out…2 people got a peep show on their way into church that morning.  You are welcome.  (This is becoming a habit of mine, it seems.)

We took a nap together when we got home, then headed to Aunt Janet’s family cookout.  (I didn’t get any pictures :-(, boo!)  The food was delish as usual.  I even got a lot of compliments on the sugar cookies I brought.

Monday, I got out of the shower and walked downstairs to see this…

Bob said

He fell asleep.  I didn’t want him to get cold.

He’s such a cutie!

We went to brunch with some friends that morning.  YUM!! (Again, didn’t get pictures.  Hopefully I get better at this!)

After a skype session with the girls in New Zealand, we packed up and said our goodbyes.

Clark slept most of the drive home, only waking up to eat when we stopped at Chic-fil-a (again, YUM!!).  I’m not surprised.  It was a long weekend.

I would say it was a VERY successful first trip to Pittsburgh.  Can’t wait for the next one!  Which will be, at the latest, August, when Aunt Les and Kev tie the knot!!

Hope everyone had as enjoyable of a Memorial Day Weekend as we did!