Baby J – 16 weeks, and 5 years hitched


**This post is so late because we were on family vacay!!  And now my sister and niece are staying with us for the week so I’ve been distracted by the cuteness of two toddlers playing together!

On Friday I was 16 weeks pregnant and it just so happened to also be our five year wedding anniversary!  I won’t get all mushy, except to say that I feel very blessed to be married to Bob.  We celebrated last night with a wonderful dinner at Talara while my mom and sister babysat.

As for the pregnancy, I had a check-up last Tuesday.  So far, so good.  It looks like I will have to have a C-Section again.  The doctor I spoke with is the same one who delivered Clark.  I trust him and know that they all have my safety and the baby’s safety in mind.  My reasons for needing a C-section are more than just the baby being too big.  That was part of the problem during my delivery with Clark, but it was mostly my “failure to progress” that resulted in me needing a C-section with him.  Once I started to swell, there was no way that Clark was going to fit!

I’m feeling really good still except I have been having more trouble getting comfortable at night to sleep.  My next appointment will be our ultrasound anatomy scan.  Even though we aren’t finding out the gender, I’m so excited to see how much this baby has developed!

Also, I would like to point out that apparently these pants are my Friday pants!  Oops!



Baby J – 15 weeks


We are in the second trimester!  Wow does time fly!  Can’t believe we’ve only got 25 more weeks till we become a family of 4 (+Bruno, of course!)!!

So here’s some random info about this pregnancy, etc. so far…

  • We will not be finding out the gender of the baby.  We didn’t with Clark and it was so much fun/exciting!  I’m not worried about not knowing what to buy for baby because we already have so much that we used for Clark (including plenty of gender neutral clothes for those first few weeks – hello plain white onsies!!).


  • This baby won’t be getting a room designated as his/her “nursery”.  As much as I would love to decorate another nursery like we did for Clark, we just don’t have the space or time/energy.  Our house has 3 real bedrooms upstairs, with an extra “room” in the basement (with no closet and an unfinished ceiling).  Right now, we are thinking that Clark will stay in his room and continue to sleep in his crib.  Then we will get another crib for Baby #2 and put it in what is now the guest room upstairs.  Hopefully, we can either keep the queen bed that’s in there now, or replace it with a full-sized or daybed, leaving enough sleeping options for when the grandparentsmothers visit!


  • There is a good chance that this baby will be delivered via C-section.  Clark was a week late and because he was so big (weighing in at 9 lbs. 6 oz.), I had to deliver him via C-section.  I labored for 14 hours (with an epidural…I wasn’t trying to be a hero), and he literally just didn’t fit.  I dilated to almost a 7 and then started to “go backwards”.  It was funny because he was SUCH a cone head for those first few days in the hospital.  My doctors suspect that I will probably just always have big a$$ babies, and they think they will all result in C-sections.  As of now, I’m not scheduling a C-section.  I love my doctors and we will figure things out together as baby grows (and grows and grows).


  • I have been feeling really great so far.  I didn’t have a whole lot of nausea with this pregnancy.  With Clark, I was horribly sick (especially weeks 7 – 9 while Bob and I were vacationing in Italy!).  On Saturday, we were at a wedding reception for some friends and I got really sick there, but Bob thinks I was dehydrated or something.  It was definitely a fluke because it was a one time thing and I’ve felt fine ever since.  My only “woe” would be that I’m tired.  Bob has given me a strict bedtime of 9:00pm, otherwise I fall asleep on the couch.


  • We have a Pocket Fetal Doppler and it’s AWESOME!!!  I had heard about home dopplers and told Bob how cool I thought it would be to have one.  He found one for a good price on Amazon (the link is the one we have) and surprised me with it when I was about 9 weeks along.  It took us a couple of weeks to find the heartbeat (I’d say I was about 11-12 weeks), but it’s so sweet to be able to listen to it now whenever I want.

I may not have a post with info every week, but I’d love to at least get a picture up.  I never did that when I was pregnant with Clark, and I wish I would have.

That’s it for now.  Any questions, ask them in the comments.  Have a good weekend everyone!!!


Clark’s Promotion

This kid…1-DSC03312Yes, YOU!!

You have been such a wonderful blessing for daddy and me!  So…we decided to promote you.  It took us longer than we expected because God has a different and much better plan than our’s, but we are so excited to announce that you are going to be a…

Wait!  Where’d you go?1-DSC03307

Oh! There you are!

Anyway, I was just saying…

You are going to be a…1-DSC03313Are you excited??1-DSC03300

We are too!  It is going to be so cool watching you grow into your new role.  We sent out this announcement to our parents and siblings a couple weeks ago.  They are all pretty stoked as well!BabyJ2

We are just overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving over here at the Julius house!

**A post with more details to follow in the next week.

Clark or Cinderella?

Clark has recently found interest in “helping” me with the house work.  When I’m folding laundry, he loves to pick up pieces of clothes and kind of pretend he’s folding them.  He has learned to open the door where we keep the trashcan and he LOVES to throw things away.  A couple weeks ago, I moved all the furniture in the living room to sweep, vacuum, and Swiffer the floors.  Glad I had my little helper to give me a hand.

He’s getting so big!  Remember THIS? I can’t believe that was almost a year ago!  

P.S. Clark should totally be a Swiffer spokes-baby!  

To Clark’s Daddy


Bob is a wonderful dad!  He loves Clark so much and it melts my heart to see the way he looks at him.IMG_0175


It is adorable when he says, “Look how cute we are!”DSC00107 DSCN1144


He loves to make Clark laugh!  Even if it’s by doing something mommy hates! (Most recently, Clark loves when Bob holds him up and spins him to make him dizzy!)  DSC01957


I think most of all, I appreciate that Bob takes care of us.  He works hard and sacrifices for us.  He is teaching Clark how to really be a good man!  A man of God.  I’m so thankful for that.DSC03061 DSC01986 DSC02888

Clark is lucky to have such a great role model and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful partner in this whole parenting thing!  I think we are a pretty good team and we’re doing alright!noname

With the holiday coming up, I have been getting so frustrated that I haven’t come up with the perfect gift to express how much I love and appreciate all that Bob does as a father.

I think he’s hard to “shop” for when it comes to gifts.  Sure, there are things he needs and maybe a few out-of-my-price-range treats that he would love (uh…hello new golf clubs!).  But when it comes to something really special and meaningful, it’s hard to surprise him.  I did get him a gift that I know he’ll appreciate and in addition, I’ve decided to (try) to keep the nagging to a minimum this weekend and let him just relax and watch TV or do whatever he wants.

Bob, I just want you to know that Clark and I love you so much!  You are a great dad and I hope you enjoy your holiday!!

“A righteous man who walks in his integrity – How blessed are his sons after him.” Proverbs 20:7

Color Me Rad


This past weekend we were in Pittsburgh to see family, celebrate a graduation, attend a bridal shower, AND…


RUN A 5K!!!

Anyone who knows me is probably like, “WHAAAAT?!?!?”  I am not a runner.  And I go through what I call, “workout phases”.  I really WANT to be a person that enjoys some form of workout, but I have yet to find something I don’t just resent.

Anyway, Bob’s entire family from his mom’s side, lives in Pittsburgh so all the cousins (and their spouses, children, etc.) are very close.  A few months ago, one of the cousins decided to organize a team for the Color Me Rad 5K. I figured if I signed up (and paid for it!), that would motivate me to “train” for it, therefore having to exercise!

I did pretty well with keeping a running schedule, but was still pretty nervous come race day.  My goal was to not walk.



Let me clarify that it’s not really a race because there’s no times or places or anything.  It’s really more of a fun run.  You can read about it on the website here.  Basically along the course, there are color stations that throw different colored powder or squirt colored corn syrup at you so that by the end of the race you are tie-dyed.  It was fun!

I did run the whole thing (with my 24 week pregnant sister-in-law) so I was pretty proud of myself.  But I used an app on my phone to sorta time myself and track the distance and found out it wasn’t a full 5K.  It was really more like 2.5 miles.  But hey!  I’m still patting myself on the back!!



It was so fun to do it with other people, especially family!  So…Color Me Rad 2014???  Who’s with me?!

Visitors from Memphis


My older sister, Sally had a wedding Memorial Day weekend in our hometown so she and my niece, Jo, came up from Memphis for the week.  She flew in the Monday before and stayed at my parents’ house, then came down to our place from Tuesday-Wednesday.  It was such a treat to see Clark and Jo play together!  My mom, little brother, Sam, and little sister, Ellen all came too!

Tuesday was really hot, so after lunch from Applebee’s, we put the kids in their swimsuits and made a “water table” for them.  (It was just a big beverage container that we filled with water from the hose and then brought out some tupperware and plastic cups.)1-watertable

Jo is so cute and sweet, but she still has a little bit of separation anxiety (especially since she doesn’t get to see us that often.)  At one point, my sister had to take a phone call so Ellen initiated what we call “the force hold”.  Jo pretends she doesn’t like it, but “Ellen” is the only name she knows from this side of the family.  (As in, she also thinks that’s MY name! :-))  1-photo 2 1-image_11After dinner, we took some family photos since we were all together.1-DSC03198 1-DSC03201

Obviously, the kids were pretty tired so we gave them a bath and put them to bed.

Wednesday, we took the kids into the city for lunch.1-image_12

Then we headed to a park near our house for a while to let the kids wear themselves out before my mom, brother, Sally, and Jo headed back to PA.1-image_13

That Sunday was when we all met in State College, PA for our 5 generation pictures.  (And my grandmother passed away about a week and a half later.  I’ll say again how incredibly PERFECT God’s timing is!!!)  Here are some pictures I didn’t share from that day trip.clarkjostatecoll

We just loved having Sally and Jo visit us and spend the night!  We can’t wait until July when we get to see them again on our family vacation!!1-photo-44

5 Generations

My older sister, Sally and niece, Jo visited last week from Memphis.  (I’ll write a separate post about their stay here at our house.)  While she was in town, we decided to take a trip to State College, PA with our parents and grandparents to take a 5 generation picture with my 106 year old great-grandmother.

106 and 8 months actually.  We call her Grandma Ruth.  She’s an incredible woman.  She is my dad’s dad’s mother.  She has lived in State College for pretty much her entire life.  She drove until the age of 100!  The greatest thing about her is her memory.  She doesn’t forget things!  It’s so fun to listen to her tell stories from when she first met Pappy Bruce (her husband) to when my brother was a toddler and basically told her that she was sitting in his chair.  She remembers all of her grandkids’ birthdays too.  That’s not even an exaggeration!!  She’s got 5 children, about 20 grandchildren, and…let’s just say we have a huge family!!  (I’m not going to try to count the great-grands and so on.)  We have been so incredibly blessed to have her around for so long with such a sharp mind.  You can read a little more about her in this article from her last birthday (which she celebrated AT a Penn State game!!)  1-DSC03223Me, Clark, Grandma Ruth, my dad – Don, and my grandpa – Jack (Ruth’s oldest of 5).

1-DSC03228With my sister – Sally and her daughter – Jo.

My dad’s aunt, June was there with her husband, John and we all visited for a while and watched the kiddos wrestle around.1-jo.hugAfter an hour or so, we knew Grandma was getting tired so we headed to my grandpa’s hunting camp just outside State College for some lunch.  It was Clark’s first time there and Jo hadn’t been there since she was about 3 months old.  1-jackscamp DIGITAL CAMERA

I am so so thankful we did this!  I mean, not many families are able to have 5 generations all in the same room together.  I am so blessed to be part of this huge, amazing, loving family!  And I’m so lucky to actually know my GREAT-grandmother!  Love you Grandma Ruth! 1-May 26, 2013


Birthday Week

My birthday was a week ago yesterday (May 8).  I turned 28, which is one of those birthdays that isn’t all that exciting.  I don’t really make a big deal out of my birthday, but I always insist that Bob recognizes birthday week, so that I basically get my way for an entire 7 days.

This year, however, Bob surprised me with a couple of date nights to celebrate!  I posted this screen shot on Facebook a few weeks ago.


Yea, he tries to trip me up with these random things that I should “have prepared”.  (Nightcrawlers?!?!)  Remember the hints he gave me for my Surprise Weekend to DC??  And yes, he pretty much always signs his emails to me “Sincerely”.  Silly hubs!!

Anyway, he told me that he had plans for both Monday and Wednesday nights and that he had already arranged for sitters for Clark.  I was really excited!!  We don’t often go out on adult-only dates.

When Monday rolled around, I found out that my little sis, Ellen was coming up from Bethesda to spend the day with me and then watch Clark while Bob and I went to dinner at La Scala, our favorite place in Little Italy.  There’s an indoor bocce ball court that you can play on while you wait for your table.  Funny thing…Ellen had given us a gift card to La Scala and a home-made coupon for one night of free babysitting for Christmas back when I was pregnant!!  So this particular date was long over-due!!

Before we left, I opened my present from Ellen.  Look how creative she was with the bag!!1-image_1A couple of tanks and a new VT shirt.  I could ALWAYS use some VT clothes!  Go Hokies! 🙂

Ellen took a couple pictures before we left, and we headed out to enjoy the were halfway there when we realized, OOPS!!  Neither of us grabbed the gift card!  HA!  Thank goodness it was a Monday night.  We didn’t have any problems pushing back our reservations so we could head back to the house and pick it up.  Luckily, that wasn’t a precursor for the rest of the night.  Our food was delicious as usual and we had a great time chatting, people watching and enjoying some adult time!

On Wednesday, my actual birthday, Bob and Clark gave me some very appropriate cards!1-bdayI think Clark’s handwriting is really improving, don’t you? 😉 Update: I accidentally posted the card Bob got me for Mother’s Day first.  whoops! 

I also got a sweet surprise when I checked my email that morning!1-imageCannot tell you how excited I am to schedule THAT!!!

My mom had made arrangements to come have lunch and spend the day with me and she already told me what she got me for my birthday:1-image_2A butt-load trunk-load of plants!  This was so thoughtful and creative and HELPFUL because I have a less than green thumb and a half-bare garden in our back yard.  Remember our backyard beds?  Because Bruno has started using those beds as his toilet, I decided I’m probably not going to plant an edible garden this year.  My awesome mom got me plenty of colorful perennials to fill the empty space.

We planted them on Thursday.  And by “we” I mean my mom and Clark, while I took pictures and gave words of encouragement. 1-bdaypicsHere is a slightly better “after” photo:1-DSC03191

It’s going to look even better once we mulch and they grow out a little bit!

Okay, so back to Wednesday!!

Bob told me the event called for me to wear a gown!!!  Obviously he doesn’t know what a gown is because we were NOT headed to prom OR the Oscars!!  Glad I double-checked with Ellen while she was here.  (Bob let pretty much everyone in on the secret, except me!)  Even as we were headed out the door, I had no idea where we were going.1-image_3I was thrilled when we arrived at the Hippodrome Theatre!!!  It’s a former vaudeville theatre in Baltimore built in the early 1900’s that seats about 2300.  image_4

I snapped these photos of the theatre with my phone before getting reprimanded by an usher.  In my defense, I honestly didn’t know that photos weren’t allowed even before the show started. 1-bdaypics1 The show playing on Wednesday was Green Day’s American Idiot: The Musical.  Bob got us great seats in the balcony.  The show is more than a little risqué and there’s a lot of language, so make sure you know what you’re going to see if you plan to buy tickets to this show.  (No joke: some older people exited after the first few scenes!)  Not-so-secret Secret of mine: I had a thing for punk rock for a while!  As evidenced by this picture of me from Halloween 2005:


Needless to say, I loved the music!  Plus it was an evening spent with Bob!  We had a great time and now we’re even thinking about getting season tickets through the Hippodrome to see some other musicals that come through.

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday week so special!!  Especially Bob!  Love you and your surprises!

Now I have to think of something really good for him!  Any suggestions?  Hurry, his birthday is June 30!!!!

Sleeping Cuties

I was going through pictures on my phone and realized I take a heck of a lot of pictures of my baby boys while they’re sleeping.  I thought I would share some of them.  Aren’t they just adorable when they are in dreamland?

1-sleeping cuties

1-sleeping cuties1

1-sleeping cuties2


Can’t handle the cuteness!!!  So much love for those boys!