The Master Plan

As I mentioned in this post, we recently rearranged the furniture in our master bedroom.  This is what it used to look like (obviously not drawn to scale)…oldmasterThe bed used to be up against the wall as soon as you walked in the door.  We originally had the bed on the opposite wall, but angled in the corner.  Bob likes to watch TV in bed, though and the only cable hook-up was on the wall behind the chair in the picture above.  So we put the TV on the long dresser and the bed across from it for Bob’s optimum viewing pleasure.

I wasn’t in love with the layout for a few reasons.

One, the bed was directly to the left of the door when you walked in, making it visible from the hallway.  It just didn’t really look right.  It felt like it took away a little privacy or something.

Second, on the other side of the wall that our bed was on, is the bathroom.  Not a huge deal, but again…just sorta bothered me!

So we switched it up.

Here’s the layout now (again, not to scale)…newmaster

First and foremost, I’d like to repaint the room.  I’m thinking a soft, relaxing blue color.  I picked the brown that’s in there now when we first moved in, thinking it would be neutral and sophisticated.  It just didn’t turn out to be the color I had envisioned.  On the other hand, it covered up the salmon color that was on the walls from the previous owners!masterbeforeWe also painted all of the trim and doors white, as well as the inside of the closets.masterbefore2

Okay so, here are some real-life photos of the room now.  Please excuse the complete mess!

Let’s start with the bed…bedpreheadboard

When we rearranged, we took the opportunity to disassemble and get rid of our headboard.  We’ve had this headboard for about 3 years now.  I ordered it back when our bed was angled from the corner, thinking it would eliminate the need for night stands.  The concept was great, but the product was cheap.  It wasn’t a great fit and it was basically falling apart.  Plus, I’ve been wanting to upholster a headboard for a while now.  Bob finally agreed to help me at some point in the future (could be months), so I’m excited to tackle that project (some day…).

That means we need night stands now.  I’m thinking something like this, or this so they won’t take up a lot of space (that we don’t have).  We’ll see…

Next, we have the tall dresser and chair…talldresserOne issue we have in this room is that there is no overhead light.  It’s just a ceiling fan.  We think that it’s wired so that we could install a light, so we may do that at some point, but until then, we have needed plenty of lamps.

The small lamps up there used to sit on our headboard.  I’m not sure if we’ll use them on our nightstands yet or not.  The other lamp I got way back when I first moved to Baltimore after college.  It’s heavy duty.  And I mean HEAVY!!  I’d like to replace the lamp shade (because it is a pain in the @$$ to dust) and maybe spray paint the base oil rubbed bronze.

As for the chair, I would love to reupholster it like we did with the rocker in Clark’s room, but that might be a lot more work than we have time/energy for.

The long dresser (sorry, we’re not really going in a circle)…longdresserThe reason we had the bed against the other wall was because the TV has to be plugged in on this side.  So in order to see it, we thought the bed had to be directly across from it.  BUT…with the bed between the two closets, I realized we can just angle the TV a little and be able to see it just fine!  I would like to move it over to the other side of the dresser (all the way in the corner), but first I need to tidy that area.

Also, we have never had curtains in this room (or any other room in the house except for Clark’s nursery), so that’s something I’d like to do sooner rather than later.

Last wall – the window wall…windowwallAgain, curtains!!

Between the windows is just a storage chest that used to sit at the foot of our bed.  We use it for sweatshirts and other bulky clothes that we don’t wear that often.  It’s kind of broken, so we either need to find another place for those clothes, or find something else to replace the chest.  We have enough space in this area that we could definitely put some piece of furniture in it’s place, but don’t know what yet.  How cool would a built-in like this be?  Maybe with a bench to sit on?  We’ll see…

So that’s the latest.  Not sure how long it’s going to take us to get the whole room done (seeing as we’ve lived here 3 years and it still looks like this…), but those are my dreams for it eventually.  I’ll share updates as they happen.

Any suggestions?  Doesn’t it feel so refreshing to rearrange furniture?  I just think it makes the room feel brand new!!


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