Baby J – 16 weeks, and 5 years hitched


**This post is so late because we were on family vacay!!  And now my sister and niece are staying with us for the week so I’ve been distracted by the cuteness of two toddlers playing together!

On Friday I was 16 weeks pregnant and it just so happened to also be our five year wedding anniversary!  I won’t get all mushy, except to say that I feel very blessed to be married to Bob.  We celebrated last night with a wonderful dinner at Talara while my mom and sister babysat.

As for the pregnancy, I had a check-up last Tuesday.  So far, so good.  It looks like I will have to have a C-Section again.  The doctor I spoke with is the same one who delivered Clark.  I trust him and know that they all have my safety and the baby’s safety in mind.  My reasons for needing a C-section are more than just the baby being too big.  That was part of the problem during my delivery with Clark, but it was mostly my “failure to progress” that resulted in me needing a C-section with him.  Once I started to swell, there was no way that Clark was going to fit!

I’m feeling really good still except I have been having more trouble getting comfortable at night to sleep.  My next appointment will be our ultrasound anatomy scan.  Even though we aren’t finding out the gender, I’m so excited to see how much this baby has developed!

Also, I would like to point out that apparently these pants are my Friday pants!  Oops!



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