Buffet Makeover: Part 1

I fully expected our new-to-us Craigslist buffet table to still be sporting her crimson come Clark’s birthday party 3 weeks from now.  But miracle of all miracles, Bob and I started tackling her makeover this weekend!  Here’s what happened:

Saturday morning, Bob asked,

What do you want to do today?

I said,

I guess just clean the house, maybe run some errands.


When Clark goes down for a nap, why don’t you run to Home Depot and pick up a sample size of the color you want to use on the buffet and we can start working on that today.

Uh, YES PLEASE!!  Done and done!

I had already gone through my bag of paint swatches and pulled out one I liked.  I’m glad I grabbed a $3 sample pot to test first because it was a little lighter than what I wanted.DSC02765The sample pot was a Behr Ultra (with built-in primer) in flat (that’s all the samples came in) and color-matched to Sherwin Williams Attitude Gray (how cool is that name??)  Like I said, it was lighter than I wanted, so I just went down to the slightly darker shade on the paint swatch.  Night Owl.  DSC02764When we actually painted the buffet, we used Behr Ultra in semi-gloss.  But we’ll get to that.

First Bob and I moved the buffet into the kitchen.  Our plan was to wipe it down with this stuff…DSC02767…and we didn’t want to drip any on our hardwood floors in the living room.  We plan/hope to renovate the kitchen some day so the old tile laminates (that have seen better days) were not as precious to us.

We wiped down almost the whole buffet with this de-glosser.  I had read some reviews about this stuff and it came highly recommended.  It sort of takes away that shine and leaves the surface clean and a little bit tacky for the next layer to stick.

BUT…there was a slight problem.  As we were wiping (and by we, I mean Bob), we noticed a few “bubbles” of paint in the red.  Apparently, Craig had not used a de-glosser before he painted the buffet, thus leaving a not very durable layer.  We went at it first with a putty knife.  DSC02771We knew the buffet had been hand-painted only a few months prior so we were sure it wasn’t lead-based.

We decided to sand.  Bob used his hand sander.  This was down to the layer of veneer.  DSC02776DON’T SAND ANYTHING INSIDE!!  EVER.  NEVER EVER!!!

That’s all I will say about the matter.

Moving on…I didn’t get a picture of the buffet completely naked without our paint on her.  I guess we were too excited to remember.

And speaking of paint, we still have to get to the cabinet doors, so I will post those pictures and all about that process tomorrow or Wednesday.  Until then, I will leave you with this teaser.DSC02784Looking better already!!  And that’s just a first coat!


4 thoughts on “Buffet Makeover: Part 1

  1. I had a sanding project when I first move. I 1. broke a sander and 2. had to clean my house for 2 days after due to all the dust. Will never do that again lol! It turned out so nice though!
    Good luck!

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