Photo Phavorites

Back in the beginning of August, I posted my first Photo Phavorites post.  At the time, I thought I would make that a monthly habit.  Whoops, it’s November and I haven’t done it since.

Oh well, I’ll just roll with it and compile some pictures I like and post them whenever I get to it.  That means this post will include pictures taken from August – now.

Just a reminder, I don’t have an Iphone or a fancy camera.  These are just pictures taken point and shoot style from our little old Sony Cyber-Shot.

First up, Clark at 6 months old.

On the 15th of every month, I have a “photo shoot” with Clark for his monthly picture.  My sister made this quilt for him and since I thought it was a nice backdrop, I’ve been using it every month since he was born.  Now that he’s so mobile, he won’t stay laying on his back for the pictures so this is the first month I had to take the picture with him sitting up.  (Next month, I got a little more creative)  Doesn’t he look so sweet and innocent in this picture?  You would never know his daddy’s nickname for him is “Monster”.

Do you see that???!!!?!?!?!  I know the picture is crazy blurry, but it’s the best I could get.  It’s a praying mantis!!  Just chillin’ on our living room window.  One night back in September, Bob and I were watching TV before bed and I looked over to see this above his head outside.  So cool, right?  And he was huge!  He even came back for the next couple of nights.

Uh thank ya, thank ya very much! -Clark’s Elvis impression.

Love this picture of Clark with his grandma (Bob’s mom) in their Steelers gear.  Taken in September at their house in Pittsburgh.

This is what I meant by “getting creative” for Clark’s monthly photos from now on.  I used it as an actual backdrop behind him.  He still didn’t want to sit still and this picture is pretty much him saying, “I don’t think so, mom.  I do what I want!”

Clark and my mom’s dog, Jake from when my mom came to visit one day.  Clark LOOVES to play with Jake by crawl-chasing him around the house.  I don’t think the feeling is mutual, but Clark doesn’t seem to notice.

For the past few years Bob and I have gone to the Maryland Renaissance Fair with a group of friends.  It is always such a good time and this year we were so excited to be able to take Clark for the first time!  This picture cracks me up!

Hugs before bedtime!  Bob’s such a great dad!  Don’t they just look like two peas in a pod?

Speaking of Bob, his favorite thing is throwing Clark up in the air.  Clark loves it too and has even recently been busting out some kind of move while he’s up in the air.

One of the few photos of the two of us together.  This was taken at a wedding we went to last month in Charleston, SC.  It’s actually a pretty crazy story because the groom flipped his car the day before the wedding.  You can read about it here.  Truly, God was watching over them!

So again, most of the pictures were of Clark…no surprise there!  He’s just so photogenic.

Hopefully, my next Photo Phavorites post will be up sooner than 4 months from now!



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