Fortunately, we made it through the hurricane last night without losing power.  It flickered twice (that we know of), but that’s it.  My parent’s house (up in PA) lost power, so we feel lucky.

However, Sandy left her mark in our living room by way of the leaky windows. 😦 Boo!

First, we were just using towels to collect the water and we changed them for fresh ones when needed.  But Bob constructed an “apparatus” to collect the water so we could just dump it when it filled up.The water was coming in through the top of the window.  So he taped a trash bag to the wall/window so that it caught the drips.  Then cut holes in the bottom of that bag and taped another bag (also with holes) to the bottom of it.  Then he just put the bag inside something to catch the water.  A trashcan, a bucket, and for the biggest leak – a cooler.  Essentially, the trash bags acted as funnels.  Worked like a charm!

How smart is my hubs?  The whole thing reminded me of a Voyage of the Mimi project or something!  Anyone remember that educational science video series?

Clark enjoyed watching the storm out our new doors!  He thought it was so cool that he stayed up 2 hours past his bedtime!

I know not everyone fared as well as we did.  Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by Sandy.



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