Not long ago I posted about how I decorated our front door for Halloween.  However, the massive amount of trick-or-treaters that go through our neighborhood will not get to see my mad spider-webbing skills.  Because…..


Before I get to the after photos, let’s talk for a minute about the old doors.  First, they were not cute.  I’m really not a fan of the dated scalloped edge storm door.

Also, they were pretty busted up.

I didn’t even get a picture of the trim around the back door that was ripped off the wall from when Bob tried to come in not knowing the chain was on.

Let’s move on to the exciting part.  On Tuesday morning, the guys came to install the new doors and got straight to work.  I was able to creepily stealthily snap a few “in progress” shots.

This is where things started to get exciting!!Even though all the racket they were making meant this monster refused to nap.And now for the before/after side-by-side comparisons:

Front door interior

We went with a door with a view!!  White interior and oil-rubbed bronze hardware.  Just like I wanted!

Front door exterior.

We chose Enzian Blue which is sort of a greyish blue.  Not quite as cheery as my beloved yellow, but more sophisticated.

Storm door and view from the front porch.

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love!!!  So long dated storm door.  You will not be missed!

Back door from the inside.

Bad lighting in both pictures but this door is also white with oil-rubbed bronze hardware.

Back door from the outside.

It’s a bigger difference than you can see in these pictures.

Clark misses his “doggie door” but loves being able to make sure all is well in the back yard and supervise Daddy when he’s mowing the lawn.

We are so glad they are finally here!

(Now I only have a few days left to figure out how to decorate them for the trick-or-treaters.)


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