Hitting the Deck: Part 2

We last left off with the deck stripped and ready for stain.

And almost 3 months later we finally got down to it!  We had already decided on the Solid White for the rails/posts so a couple weeks ago, we used a beautiful Sunday afternoon to get the first coat on.

THIS PART SUCKED!  It took forever!

Don’t be jealous of how good I look gettin’ my stain on!

We tried to tag-team it with Bob on the outside and me on the inside, but Clark was awake and the exer-saucer only kept him entertained for about 20 minutes.
So we tried putting him on a blanket in the yard with some toys.  

That worked for a little while, but he got bored and kept crawling over to us.

Luckily, our neighbors were outside playing and volunteered to watch him while we worked.  He’s such a social butterfly!  He loved all the attention!Hands-free, we were able to work much more quickly and by the time the sun started going down, we had all but the last few rails covered.  What a difference already!  I was getting so excited!We called it a day but we knew we would need a second coat before we started on the decking.

Which brings us to this past weekend.  My little sister came up from Bethesda on Friday night and watched Clark on Saturday while we slapped up the second coat.  Again…pain in the arse…but necessary.

Since Ellen was here, we even had enough time in the day for Bob to get the built-in bench and steps stained.We ended up going with the Wood Chip.  It’s what Bob preferred and I am so glad we did.  It has a little bit of red in it that plays off the brick so nicely.  (The picture above was taken around dusk so the colors in it sorta have a blueish tint.)

Sunday my parents came down from Pennsylvania to go to church with us and brunch after.  When they left, we got to work again.

The decking went so much faster than the rails.  Clark was awake so Bob set him up in the yard with an awesome fort.

Clark had mixed feelings about it, but it kept him busy and entertained long enough for us to get the job done.

We worked on one plank at a time from the outsides in.  When Clark didn’t need us, we were able to work at the same time, meeting in the middle.When we got to the last six planks, Bob started working his way towards the steps.Bada-bing, Bada-boom!


The deck is right off of the kitchen and when I’m standing at the sink, I can look out the window at this beauty.  It makes doing the dishes a little bit better.

Oh, and we did use stain, not paint.  (even the white)  It’s just solid as opposed to transparent.

For comparison sake, here’s the before and after side by side:

We haven’t moved the furniture and grill back up yet and we need to hang the flagpole.  When we do, I’ll take pictures and post them.  I have this great outdoor rug that my mom got me for my birthday and I’d like to put some mums in pots flanking the steps or in the corner of the built-in bench or something.

What do you think?  Come on, Fall, stick around for a while so we can squeeze in some more bar-b-ques this year!


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