Babysitting (x2)

Some friends of our’s recently moved to Colorado.  A couple weeks before the move, they were in need of some childcare and I volunteered to help them out.

Sweet Ainsley was born just 12 days after Clark.  So obviously we arranged their marriage.  I was so excited to get to spend 2 long days with the love birds.  Even if it meant a 6am drop off.  🙂

Ainsley has this adorable “swimsuit model” pose where she kind of lays on her side.  It cracks me up.Bob couldn’t wait to get home from work to participate in the “play date”.  

The kids must have also had fun, because the second day, they were both wide awake for the 6am drop off.This picture is hilarious!  HeheOh my goodness!  These kids are so cute!  It was exhausting keeping up with them all day, but so worth it!

Brittany, Andrew, and Ainsley – we miss you guys already!  Can’t wait to plan a trip to visit!





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