Texas Trip 2012: The Final Days

AHHH.  I took an unplanned hiatus from blogging last week.  Sometimes it’s just hard to find the time with a little rug rat on the move.  I know our Texas vacation was taken over a month ago now, but I want to finish the recap so that I don’t forget anything!  So without further ado…

For the last few days of our Texas vacation, we decided to split up from the group and see another part of the Lone Star State.  After saying our goodbyes to the rest of the family (and the player piano), Bob, Clark and I hopped in the car and made ourselves comfortable for the 5+ hour drive to San Antonio.

On our way, we called to reserve our hotel room and discussed what we wanted to see.

Once we checked in to our hotel, we headed to the River Walk.  It was nice, but…definitely not conducive to pushing a little one in a stroller.  There were a lot of steps (we couldn’t find the handicap access!?) and the walkway was pretty narrow so we basically had to walk single file.  At least we got a couple nice pictures.We had dinner at a restaurant right on the River Walk and then headed back to our hotel…

…which had a rooftop pool…

…so we took our baby swimming…

…at like 10:30pm…

Hey! It’s vacation, right?!  Bedtime is for suckers!

The next morning we got up for breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant and headed over to see the Alamo.  Bob loves to read all the placards at places like that.  I like to take pictures of Bob reading placards.  hahaWe asked a stranger to take a family photo for us.  Yes, we are wearing coordinating outfits that my mom got us!  I love it!Okay, so, the Alamo was pretty cool and you can’t go to San Antonio without checking it out, but now we are on to our favorite part of our Texas trip.

Bob read about the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch in our AAA Texas TourBook.  It is 400 acres of land with over 40 exoctic and endangered species living naturally.  As soon as we pulled up, we saw the giraffes.

So we bought our tickets for the Drive-Thru and headed inside.  We decided to first check out the petting area to see if Clark had any interest.  There were lots of baby goats…

An emu…

A couple llamas…And sheep…Clark was pretty apathetic about the petting zoo experience, but he was a good sport for the pictures.  Then we headed back to the car to do the Drive-Thru and Clark passed out in his car seat.

There were soooo many cool animals!

We are cheapos so we didn’t buy the pamphlet that tells you all their names, but we got tons of pictures.  (Attention National Geographic, I know that you will be contacting me after seeing these awesome photos I took, but I am not interested in coming to work for you.  Thanks anyway!)  

Yes, some animals were more interesting than others, but it was so cool how all of them would get pretty close to the car.

This one cracks me up.

So by FAR the coolest part was the zebras!!  When we got our tickets, they gave us a bag of pellets to toss out the car window for the animals.  Also, you could drive the loop as many times as you wanted.  So, we spotted the zebras towards the end of the loop off in the distance.  Then, we saw that the car behind us got them to come right up to their car so we circled around again for our own close up experience.  Check it:

Yeah…that was my car window!!  I was too afraid to touch them because all the signs said that they might bite, but Bob “pet” the one on his side.  Ohmygosh!!  It was so awesome being so close to them.  I mean…ZEBRAS!!!  This place was SO worth the trip.  We highly recommend it to anyone in the area of San Antonio!

After the Safari (that’s what we started calling it), we had planned to head to Austin and spend the night there.  We didn’t have a hotel reservation and by the time we got there, we still hadn’t found a good deal for the night so we decided to just drive through the city.  (Didn’t get any pictures)

Then we figured we would just head toward Dallas (our flight was out of Fort Worth), maybe stop somewhere in between for the night if we got tired.  Since Clark always does so well in the car, we don’t mind driving when we’re all together.  We made it all the way!

After an unfortunate hotel room booking (think cockroaches in the bathtub…eek!), we called around and found another place to stay for the night.  Friday morning we got up and checked out the JFK Memorial.

And we walked around a bit, window-shopped, etc.

Clark was happy in his stroller.We spent the night at my aunt’s house after going to dinner with her and my cousin.  Then headed back to Baltimore the next morning.

We were sad the vacation was over, but excited to get back to home sweet home.That was our summer vacation!






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