Post-Wedding Fun #2 (Club Lake)

On Sunday after the wedding, we headed to our family’s lake house just north of Dallas.  The lake is such a special place for all of us.  It has been in our family since my grandfather was a kid.  It’s a great place to just relax and spend quality time with each other.

574646_10152026628575321_1602412437_nPlus there’s swimming!

And we have a jet ski.

DSC01343 DSC01344

The lake is private and has lots of rules like you have to go counter-clockwise on it, no wake on the outside of the buoys, etc.  One rule is that your engine can’t be over a certain horse power.  The boys all hate that rule because it means the jet ski isn’t strong enough to pull them on water skis.  We do have a tube that we use, though.  Just not always on the water. 🙂

551908_10152026630350321_1817528161_n 559079_10152026620720321_241240796_n

Because of how many people were staying at the lake, our family of 3, my sister and her family, and my cousin and his girlfriend stayed in these little bungalows on the other side of the lake near the new clubhouse.  They were kind of like stand-alone hotel rooms.  On Monday morning Bob, Clark and I were up early and decided to walk around a little, check out the clubhouse and get a few family pictures.  It was so beautiful.  Calm and Quiet.  DSC01306

Clark “rode” in our Kelty Kids backpack.  Best hand-me-down ever!DSC01302

Since no one was around, we had to use the self timer for our family pics.  This was the best one we got.DSC01319

I also managed to get a picture of our lake house and dock.  See it there in the middle behind the trees?DSC01309
My dad and brother in law, Chris, were both leaving on Tuesday morning so on Monday night we went to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Molina’s.  Of course there were family pictures beforehand!228510_10152026627680321_1907138904_n

Oh yea, and…Clark hurt his finger that day (totally my fault).  Ellen is a nurse at the Naval Hospital and works with wounded warriors.  I think she may have over-done the bandaging.386847_10152026626890321_45611317_n

The food was awesome (as usual) but we were a little disappointed that Molina’s got their liquor license back.  They used to give 2 free margaritas with every meal but this time we had to pay for them :-(.  

I love this picture of my niece!

DSC01341She is a riot!  One of her favorite things is to get pulled around in a laundry basket.  I mean, she would literally do it for hours.  Clark joined her for a few rides.DSC01320

He thought it was pretty fun too!

We were so lucky to have had such nice weather while we were there.  The temperature was so pleasant and it wasn’t as humid as it would normally be in the middle of August.

It was great to spend some time with my cousin, Sheldon and his girlfriend, Kate.
539456_10152026633185321_1979485722_n 552052_10152026633470321_1076446711_n

They left Tuesday night to head back to Dallas and Wednesday morning, Bob, Clark and I were heading to San Antonio for the night.

But before we left, we HAD to take a picture with my mom, the kids, and grandkids in front of the player piano.  When we were kids, my mom took us to Texas every summer for a week to see this side of our family (her parents and our aunt, uncle and cousins).  We always spent a few days/nights here at the lake and one of our favorite things to do here was load the player piano with “76 Trombones” and watch it play as we sang along.

DSC01360We really don’t use the piano much anymore and it’s a little out of tune so my aunt decided to give it to some friends of my grandfather’s who live at the lake year-round.  It’s so sad to see it go, but at least this way, we can still visit :-).DSC01363
I don’t know the next time we’ll get to go to the lake again, but I can’t wait.  It’s so fun and relaxing!

Next week, I’ll finish up our Texas Trip Recap with our awesome day in San Antonio.  Think…Safari! (for real!)

I can’t believe summer is over!  It seems like it flew by.  But fall is just so beautiful and come on, who doesn’t love football season?!?!  GO HOKIES!!!  GO STEELERS!!!


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