A Peak Inside

I saw an episode of Pregnant in Heels a while back where Rosie Pope quizzes some of her clients about what should go in their diaper bag.  I think their answer was “diapers and wipes”…the end.  Obviously that was the wrong answer.  Rosie went on to list about a thousand different things that they would need to carry.  It reminded me of this cute video by Luvs.

I think Rosie exaggerated a bit.  When we first had Clark we definitely stuffed our bag to the brim, but since we’ve gotten to know his needs, we pack only the essentials.  So here’s what I keep in my “holster”. Dipe bag numbered-1
1. Diaper Bag – uh…duh.  I love my diap bag.  It’s a Vera Bradley.  I didn’t really register for a diaper bag because I have a few big purses that I thought I might just use.  But my sister got this one for me when Vera Bradley had a mega sale at her mall.  It seems to have just the right number of compartments inside and out.  And it’s cute.

2. My “stuff” – My diaper bag also serves as my purse.  I don’t see the point of carrying two bags all the time or unloading things from the diaper bag into a purse when I run errands without Clark, so things like my lotion and lipgloss** get a little compartment of their own.

**Yes, I always have lipgloss with me even though I pretty much never wear it.  Better safe than sorry though, right?

3. Wallet – Again, diaper bag = purse.

4. Hooter-Hider – Clark is a breast-fed baby.  Which means I can bring my nursing cover instead of a few bottles when we leave the house.  To be honest, I rarely have to use it.  I plan our outings around his feedings or can usually find a private place to nurse him if I need to.

5. Burp Cloths – Clark spits up.  Like…all the time.  It’s kind of gross.  So we always have something in the diaper bag to wipe it up with.  Sometimes that means a kitchen towel if all the burp cloths are dirty.  (Not Pictured: We also always pack an extra outfit for him.  Just in case)

6. Diaps and Wipes – We use disposables.  Sorry Planet Earth.  It’s just what has been best for us with this baby.  Maybe we will switch to cloth diapers when he gets older or with a future kid, but for now Pampers gets our business.

7. Clark’s “stuff” – I don’t need these things all the time, but it’s nice to have them with me if/when I ever do.  I guess the Purell is for me and the tissues are shared, but the baby lotion, baby sunscreen and nail files are for him.

8. My shades – Self explanatory.  (Not Pictured: Clark has his own pair of sunglasses that I also carry all the time.  You never know when he’ll need to look fly for one of his baby girlfriends.)

9. Wet Wipes – Yes, those say “Hooters”.  My son is a boob man (refer to #4).  But for reals, we keep all the wet wipes we get from restaurants and put them in the diap bag for whatever we might need them for.  Wiping down a public table that Clark wants to chew on, cleaning ourselves after a blow-out diaper, etc.

10. PACI!! – Clark uses a pacifier.  Specifically the MAM brand pacifier.  He has used one since he was in the hospital and he never had nipple confusion or anything.  It really comes in handy to, get this…pacify him!  Who knew?  So yea…we always have one clipped to him on a pacifier leash and usually an extra in the diaper bag.

Now, I took that photo back in June and I would say the only things that I now add are:

Blanket – because the temperature is getting cooler.


Food – Clark is on solids now so I always carry some Puffs and if we will be out during a meal, I throw in some food for him.

So…that’s the grand tour of my diaper bag.  Glamorous, huh?  I actually think I may have carried more junk when I used a purse.  Now, I keep things much more organized.  Well…in the diaper bag, at least.

Of course, every baby is different but you really don’t need a million and one things.  Hope this helps some of the new mommas/mommas to be.  What do you keep in your diaper bag?


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