Post-Wedding Fun #1! (Guest Blogger)

As I mentioned yesterday, the babies fell asleep at the ceremony and were down for the count.  Since I had to miss most of the reception, my sister Ellen volunteered to guest blog about it:

While the youngins were being tucked into bed in the hotel room, downstairs at the wedding reception, the music was bumpin’……….

El didn’t let her broken toe slow her down on the dance floor.   She even was able to drag our dad out there for a few minutes before he let go and scurried back to wall-flower status.

Sam showed off his signature move, the “finger pointing.”

Our mom and aunt, the “Barlow girls,” looked hott and were breakin’ it down.

Some sweet friends of the groom actually assisted our 88 year old grandpa and offered him a “walker dance.”  He even cracked a smile for the picture.

And the new Mr. & Mrs. Hodges couldn’t have looked happier.

Thanks for all the pictures and captions Ellen!

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