Back to the Grind

No posts last week because we were on VACAY!  My cousin’s wedding was in Texas (where my mom is from) and we stayed the week after at our family’s lake house outside of Dallas for a few days, then road-tripped it to San Antonio for a night.  I’ll be back with posts about all that later this week and next, but here are a few pictures of our departure.

This was literally how our guest bedroom looked around 10pm the night before we left.  (BTW, our flight was at 7:59am!!)  I get really rammy** about packing.  I try to pack light, but am always paranoid we won’t have enough.  Ellen (my little sister) was flying down with us, so she stayed with us that night and helped me get organized.

**Rammy is a term my family uses that I think is short for rambunctious.

Next morning, we loaded up the car with our luggage, the stroller, and the baby.

Ellen wanted us to leave by 6am, so it meant we saw the sunrise on our way to BWI.  We probably should have left even earlier because we almost missed our flight.  That’s not unusual for Bob and me.  We always cut it close.

The early wake up meant coffee was a MUST for Ellen and me.We made our flight and Clark was pretty good for the ride!  He only fussed when he was tired.  I don’t think we were those people with the baby.  

We only had a few minutes to catch our connecting flight so we literally were running through the airport Home Alone style.

Well…Ellen wasn’t.  She broke her toe the week before our trip so she couldn’t run.  We told her we’d hold the plane for her if she didn’t make it in time.  She was sporting a stylish pair of boots for the trip!  When in Rome, right?

Fun Fact: Because of her toe situation, she literally only packed left shoes!We were so excited to land in Dallas.  Just had to pick up the rental car and head to my aunt’s house to meet up with the rest of the family.

Clark wanted to make a stylish first impression when he met the cousins.Can’t wait to share more of our trip with you!  We had a blast!!


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