Pool Day

This past Saturday we made a trip down to Alexandria where our friends live to hang out with them by the pool.  Jen was my roommate and sorority sister in college. Her husband, Justin, is hilarious!  He most definitely coined the term “pinteresting”.  It can be used as a verb, (ex. What have you been doing all day?  Oh…just pinteresting some new dinner ideas.) or an adjective (ex. That camera float strap that you DIYed is so pinteresting!)  

Our other friends, Tori and Stephen, were there too.  Tori was also my roommate and sorority sister in college.

She and Stephen got married in June.  He’s from Ireland so Bob had a pale buddy :-).We got there a little after noon so we had lunch by the pool.  Subs from Harris Teeter with some vitamin water.  And by “vitamin water” I mean some highly frowned upon Sangria.  We actually got busted by the pool nazi.  Whoops.

Clark had a great time swimming.

Me and my buddy.

Justin had an underwater camera that was SO FUN to use.

Underwater Tea Party is always a good one.

Then there’s the sea monster sneak attack.

Tori snagged a great family photo for us.

After a couple hours pool side, we decided to move the party inside where we could legally consume a few adult beverages.  It was great timing, we just missed the rain.

Inside we pretty much just oogled the baby hangin’ with his new friend, Penny…

…and showin’ some Hokie Spirit.

Justin also introduced us to the hilarious Comedy Central show, Workaholics.  So we watched a couple episodes.

It was a fantastic day!  I can not believe I have known these girls for almost 10 years!!

Love you guys!

Thanks for a fun day!!  We can’t wait to get together again soon!!






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