Leslie and Kevin’s wedding weekend according to…

We have a special treat today!  Our guest blogger has asked to remain anonymous.  All I will say is that they are a Julius!  Can you guess who it is?

Good day from the Guest Blogger,

Thought that a little different Julius perspective would liven things up a little bit:
All the Julius boys found themselves hanging around having a couple beers and catching up at the Rehearsal Dinner.
Julius boys keep Grandma lookin’ young!
Mostly everyone was oogling over Clark, and logging good Clark hours.  (No pics. but Clark did have a hardcore comb-over during the wedding).
Leslie and bridesmaids riding in on the back of the Buick.
Leslie looked beautiful, and Grandpa was just trying to hold it together…..(he made it).
The venue was beautiful as Kevin and Les look on for Big Uncle Jason’s 2nd Reading (fantastic).
Just Married!!!!!!
Julius Family Shot (the originals)
Great first dance!!
Good thing we all brought our dancin’ shoes!
Thank you, Guest Blogger!  Everyone had an incredible time!  Congrats to Leslie and Kevin!!  AKA DOCTOR and Mr. Coffman

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