Front Door Accessory

Like the rest of our house, the front door is a work in progress.  When we moved in it was plain jane white.  I have always wanted a cheery yellow front door so last fall we painted it.  Well…I got the paint and my mother in law painted it for us while we were at work.  I like that it’s yellow…but I’m not sold on it.

I do like that it basically advertises us as Steelers fans in this Ravens community!  It is just brighter than I was picturing.  I also want to switch out the hardware for something darker like oil rubbed bronze or something.  And a more substantial doorknob and lock.  Something like this maybe.

Or even better, this.

With a knocker like this.

Maybe with darker hardware the door won’t look so crazy bright.

We also need a new storm door.  But we’ll wait to get that after we win the lottery.  (Apparently our door frame requires a custom fit storm door which means $$$.)

In the meantime, I wanted to add a little interest.  The front door is, after all, the first impression of a home, right?

So I made a wreath.

It was cheap and easy.  Actually it was free and easy!  I had a bunch of cardboard boxes so I cut two circles from it and taped them together.  Why two?  Just to make it a little bit thicker.  Then I wrapped it in yarn.Then I made some fabric flowers.

I cut some strips of fabric (various sizes) and folded them in half…

I rolled up the end to make the bud and put a dab of hot glue …

Then I started folding the fabric (inward) and wrapping it around the “bud”…

Putting a dab of hot glue every couple of folds.

I just kept wrapping and folding until I got this!

I made a few different sizes using various fabrics, glued them to the wreath and added a ribbon.

I LOVE IT!!  I just wish I had made the wreath a little bigger.  

For now, it adds a little something and looks nice and colorful!

This project was way more fun than what we worked on this weekend.  We totally deep cleaned the kitchen!


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