Epic Week

Last week was kind of crazy.  In a good way though.

At the beginning of the week we really didn’t have much planned.  (as usual)  It was just going to be a dinner on Wednesday night.  But…plans changed…

On Wednesday morning my mom surprised us with a visit on her way home from visiting my sister in Bethesda.  On Wednesday evening we got together with some new friends from church for dinner at their house.  It was so much fun!

On Thursday night we got together with more friends (and Clark’s baby girlfriend, Ainsley) for drinks and dessert at Nautilus Diner.  Yum and fun!

Friday Clark and I made a trip down to Bethesda to visit Aunt Ellen.  She’s a nurse so she often has days off during the week.  It’s so nice that she’s so close.  We just chilled at her condo and hung some frames and skyped my older sister and niece in Memphis.

Saturday we saw more friends and had dinner at their place.  Ben and Melissa are dear friends.  Clark was the first baby that Ben has ever held!  Those boys get along great.  Both of them are big fans of TV!

Sunday after church we got a knock on the door.  My brother and his friend had also visited my sister in Bethesda (she must have had an epic week too!) and stopped by for a quick visit on their way home.  Clark was so excited to see his Uncle Sam that he pooped on him.  literally.  oops 🙂

All the time spent with friends and family made the week fly by.  We were all exhausted by Sunday night but feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives!  What a great week!!!


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