Zipper-less Pillowcase

Recently I have been, let’s say…”re-decorating” things around here.  I have been trying to just use things we have to freshen up the house.  For instance, I moved the bedding from our second/guest bedroom into our master, the bedding from our room in the basement into the second/guest bedroom and the bedding from our master went down to the basement.  haha  I know…what was the point?

Well…eventually I think we’ll get some new bedding for the basement room.  But for now, all of the rooms feel brand new.

Especially the second bedroom.  It’s really coming along and I am just loving it.

Anyway back to the point.  The original master bedroom bedding (which now lives in the basement) came with a small decorative pillow that I really was never into.  I took the case off and decided I could use the pillow inside in the second bedroom if I made a new pillowcase for it.  So I chose some fabric from my stash and made one.

I didn’t have a zipper so I had to come up with something a little different.

I cut my fabric so that it was a single piece the width of my pillow and long enough so that it wrapped all the way around the pillow with a few inches of overlay. (that will all make more sense when you see the pictures)

So, I ironed the fabric and hemmed the raw edges.

Then I folded it around the pillow (wrong sides facing out), leaving a small overlap and ironed it.

Then I stitched all four sides.

I flipped it right side out…

…and slipped in the pillow.

Here she is making her debut on the bed in the guest room.

I’m still working on the window treatment for above the bed and art for the blank wall to the right.

But the pillow is cute!  We needed some yellow in there.

So easy too.  What do you think?


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