Hershey Park Happy

I grew up in Central PA.  About 20 minutes from Hershey which means we went to Hershey Park EVERY summer.  I have so many great memories spending time there with my cousins and middle school/high school friends.  In fact, when Bob came to visit me at my parents’ house for the first time, we spent the day there.

Almost a month ago, Bob’s company hosted their company picnic at Hershey Park for their Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland regions.  Bob was able to buy tickets through them for an awesome deal and it included lunch!!  They even gave us water bottles, a beach towel, beach ball, a frisbee, and some sunglasses.  Each employee was allowed to get up to something like 6 tickets so Bob suggested inviting my parents and my little brother (who’s home from college for the summer).  We sort of made a weekend out of it, heading up there on Saturday to have dinner with them and sleep over.

Clark got to spend some time with his buddy, Jake.  (My mom’s yorkie)

Sunday morning we all skipped church and got ready for the day at the park.

Love this picture of Clark and my mom.

My brother went out with friends the night before.  This was Clark’s impersonation of him.

Probably pretty spot on.

They both needed a nap before we left.

We were pretty slow moving and didn’t get to the park until about 1pm so we bee-lined to the food.  They had hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, pasta salad, fruit, drinks, and some ice cream treats.  We were pretty impressed with the food considering there were SO MANY PEOPLE to serve.

After lunch we hit up the rides.  Of course we got some “waiting-in-line” shots.

My dad is not a fan of coasters.  A direct quote from him when asked if he wanted to ride The Claw with us.

Yeah right!  That would kill me!

So we put him in charge of the baby.  It was some grandpa/grandson bonding time.  They both loved it.

The weather wasn’t too hot, but it was warm enough for Bob and Sam to ride some of the new water rides.

The day was so much fun!  It was a blast spending time with family at such an awesome place!  Can’t wait to do it again next year!

So many things to see and do.  Good times to be had.


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