An Apron for Sis

My sister in law, Leslie is getting married next month.  (Actually in just a few weeks!!)  I had to miss her bridal shower, but this is one of the things I gave her.  The theme for the bridal shower was cute.  Her maid of honor included a recipe card in the invitations for us to provide Leslie with one of our favorite recipes for her kitchen.  We were asked to bring the relevant utensil(s) to go with the recipe as a gift from her registry.  I gave her my sugar cookie recipe, a rolling pin, and made her this apron.  A little background info…

She went to Auburn and all of her kitchen “stuff” is going to be orange and blue.  (NOT to be confused with orange and blue for UVA.)  I would NOT have been okay with that.  GO HOKIES!!

Anyway…that’s why I went with orange and blue for her apron.  Here’s how I made it:

I actually got the measurements for my pieces from an apron I already had.  I didn’t write down my measurements, but here’s a similar tutorial.

These are my pieces all laid out how I wanted the apron to look.


Gotta start with the pockets.  I wanted trim on the top of the pockets.  So, first I hemmed the edges of the trim.


Then folded it in half right sides in and stitched the sides leaving a pocket.


Clipped the edges.


And flipped it right side out.


For the actual pocket, I folded the piece in half right sides in, hemmed the sides and clipped the edges.


After I flipped it right side out, I slid the trim over the unfinished edge like a hat and stitched it on right over the seam I already had.




Repeated with the second pocked and pinned them to where I wanted them on the front of the apron.  Then I sewed them on.


After they were attached, I did pretty much the same thing with the skirt of the apron.  I folded it in half right sides facing in, stitched the sides and clipped the edges…


…then turned right side out and attached the bottom trim.


For the bib of the apron, I folded it in half right sides in and stitched the sides, clipped the edges…(you know the drill…)


I wanted “side trim” on the bib that were also the neck ties.  So I hemmed the short ends of it, then just ironed a hem, folded it in half, and ironed it again.


I folded it over the sides of the bib, then ran a stitch through it to attach.

Same for the other side and I got this.

To attach the belt, I hemmed the short ends, then laid out the pieces right sides facing like this.


Stitched it.


Flipped the belt part up and ironed it.


Then attached the bib to the belt right sides facing and ran a stitch. **Note: I realized after that this was kind of an unnecessary step because…


…I had to run a stitch across the whole belt anyway to attach the front and back.


The waist ties I folded and ironed like this…

DSC00933 DSC00934

Stitched it.


Then slid the raw edge side in between the two layers of the belt.


And stitched.  I could have probably done a little better job with this.  Because it was homemade, there are going to be some spots that look homemade. And I’m okay with that.


Here’s Sis in her new Auburn apron posing with her Auburn ribbon wreath.


LOVE HER!  Can’t wait for her wedding!


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