DIY Changing Pad Cover

When I was decorating Clark’s nursery, I couldn’t find the right orange changing pad cover and curtains.  I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to find what I was looking for in the Big Box stores.  Even after google-ing and searching every website I could think of, I knew I had to make them myself.  The curtains were easy-peasy.  I’m aiming to make some for the dining room (and maybe the living room) eventually, so maybe I’ll post a tutorial when I get around to that.  Till then, here’s how I made the changing pad cover.

*These pictures are of the changing pad cover I made for our good friends’ daughter, Ava.  (due in a couple months)

This changing pad cover fits a standard contour changing pad (32″L x 16″W x 4″H)

First wash, iron and cut your fabric.  The fabric in these pictures are Michael Miller Bella Butterfly: Flutterby Green and Happy Houndstooth Multi.  I used these because Ava’s mom, Katie made her a quilt with this fabric (plus more in the Michael Miller Bella Butterfly line).

You can make a cover out of all one fabric by cutting a piece 48″ x 32″.  If you use two fabrics like me, cut your pieces like this:

Accent fabric (baby’s head will go here): 17.5″ x 32″

Main fabric: 30.5″ x 32″

I cut all my fabric with pinking shears to avoid unravel and cut my fabric a little outside of my measured line (I always do that because I’m paranoid of measuring it too small).  I also wrote my measurements on my main fabric with a pencil so that I knew which side to attach to my accent fabric.

Lay your fabrics together along the 32″ sides with right sides facing in like this.  Sew your fabrics together to get one big piece.

Fold the piece in half lengthwise and then again widthwise.  Measure and draw an 8″ square on the outside corner (with no folds) and cut it out.

You’ll be left with a piece that looks like this.

Bring the two sides of the square together with right sides facing in.  Sew them together and repeat with all four corners.  You’ll be left with this.

Next, on the inside raw edge, fold over about 1/2″, iron all the way around and sew.  Then fold another inch or so and iron again.  You are making a tube for the elastic.

When you sew, don’t forget to leave enough room for your elastic.  Also, leave a hole to feed your elastic through.  I fed my elastic through by attaching a safety pin to one side of the elastic and another safety pin securing the other end to the fabric.

**Update: Elastic should be a piece about 36-38″ long 5/8″ thickness or smaller (I used 1/4″)

Once you’ve fed the elastic all the way through the tube, sew the ends together.

Then sew the hole closed.  The back should look like this.

This is what it looks like on the changing pad.  This is Clark’s room (obviously) but it looks great with his green wall don’t you think?

Hope Katie and Ava love it!  Ava – Bob, Clark and I can’t wait to meet you sweet girl!!


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