Clark’s Friends

Not his human friends.  And no…we don’t have any pets.  I’m talking about his stuffed buddies.  One of the things I love most about my baby is that he is a cuddle-er.  He actually even seems to need to cuddle something when he’s falling asleep.

See? He is literally crushing his cotton friend in this picture.

Here he is spoonin’ another furry fellow.

So who are his favorite cuddle buddies?  Besides me, obviously.

Allow me to introduce them:

Meet Graham, the bear.  Bob actually got me this teddy with a bouquet of flowers I think it was early on in our marriage or maybe while we were dating?  I forget, but it was a gift from him to me.  And now he belongs to our baby boy.

This is Dr. Hoo.  Dr. Hoo was a baby shower gift from a college friend of mine and Bob’s.  He is actually organic!  (Dr. Hoo, not our friend)  Or something like that.  I like that he’s an owl and I like the colors.

Next up, LambChop.  Not a very original name, I know, but…a classic.  LambChop was also a gift from a friend.  I think he kind of looks like a muppet.  Can you see it?  Maybe it’s the head to legs/arms proportions or something.

Last but certainly not least is Señor Frog.  He was Clark’s first bed friend.  He used to hang out on the crib rail when we first got him as a gift from a friend.  I like that he matches the decor of Clark’s nursery.

So obviously Clark did not name these guys himself.  I have to say it was all Bob.  If it had been left to me they all would have been whatever animal they were with a -y.  For example Owl-y and Lamb-y.  Bob is slightly more creative.

Although he doesn’t show favoritism to any one of these, Graham pretty much keeps to the Pack N Play in the living room and LambChop keeps to his upstairs domain while the other two roam around the house and even go on overnight adventures.

That’s the whole gang.  Hair and make-up done by your’s truly.  If there are any other stuffed animals/lovies looking for someone to take their head shots, I am available for a small fee.  Have a good day!

**UPDATE:  I totally forgot one of Clark’s friends!!  

Meet Steely McBear!  Bob is from Pittsburgh and this is a Steeler’s Home so we were excited to be gifted this guy from another friend.  Bob was pretty ticked that I forgot him.  According to him, Steely is Clark’s favorite!


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