Catch up

It has been a busy week!!  Here is what has happened since Friday:

Saturday – Izzy’s 1st birthday party in Harrisburg, PA!  It was a beautiful day.  Poor Izzy was feeling under the weather.  But this birthday party is more for the grown ups anyway, isn’t it?  It was great to see Stacy and Andy and all of Stacy’s family.  It’s always such a treat catching up with them.  Can’t believe they knew me back when I (attempted to) play basketball.  Haha!  Stacy’s dad has some funny stories about me from those days.

Sunday – Church then “white tornado-ing**” the house.  Bob’s mom, Mary, and sister, Leslie, came to visit for a few days.  It had been such a long time since we’d seen them since they were in New Zealand for 5 weeks!!  They got here Sunday evening.

Monday – Pretty relaxed day with MIL and SIL.  Had fish and chips for lunch from Conrad’s.  YUM!!  Our favorite!!  Walked to Target with the Baby Boy.  Made some rosemary bread in the bread machine.  (So the whole house smelled delish.)  We also did a little house work.  It’s standard when my MIL comes to visit.  Mary helped me rearrange some furniture in the second bedroom and hang some frames/artwork.

My younger sister and SIL are very similar.  They get along great and even call each other sisters-in-law, even though, technically, they are not.  So since Ellen lives in Bethesda and had off this night, she came for dinner and to stay over.  Also, it was Dave’s birthday so we invited him up for dinner as well.  We pretended we didn’t know it was his birthday and that we were just inviting him so that he could see Mary and Leslie. Then we surprised him with a card and an ice cream cake after dinner.  It was fun!

Tuesday – Mary and Les hit the road after some coffee in the morning.  Ellen and I went to IKEA (LOVE) to pick up some frames for her house.  We also hit up Trader Joe’s for some dark chocolate-covered espresso beans and banana chips.  They may or may not have been my lunch that day.  It rained all flippin’ day so after Ellen headed home, I spent the rest of the day organizing my stuff for the Bridal Shower.

Wednesday – TORI’S BRIDAL SHOWER!!!  SO MUCH FUN!!  I’m so ticked at myself because I brought my camera and was determined to take lots of pictures.  After everything was set up, I whipped it out and….dead battery!  UGH!  But Tori’s sister, Cassie, has a nice camera and she promised to send out the pictures she took.  I’ll post all about that once she sends them.

Next post will be all about the cookies I made as favors.  I must say…they were a hit!


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