Wrapping Up the Week

A post about wrapping a present on Friday!  Clever, Right?! 🙂

Here we go:


I have a couple birthdays coming up.  One is my high school friend’s daughter’s birthday on the 12th.  And the other is my niece’s birthday on the 15th.  Both are turning ONE!!  Crazy how time flies.  My niece, Jo’s birthday party will be held in Memphis next Saturday.  We have a wedding that day so we won’t be able to go.  SO…I’m packing up her presents and sending them to her in the mail.  BUT…tomorrow is Izzy’s birthday party.  That’s a picture of her gift all wrapped up.  I’ll show you how I made that cute flower.  (Full disclosure: I saw the idea on Pinterest)

First I folded a few pieces of tissue paper.  (I keep tissue paper from the gifts we receive.  I seriously have tons of it.  People make fun of me because after I open a present, I fold up the tissue paper and/or wrapping paper but I NEVER have to buy either.)  I just folded all the pieces in half because I only needed 2 layers of each color.  Then I cut out a square in the size I needed…

DSC00698 DSC00699

…And stapled them together right in the middle.


I had a flower shaped cookie cutter that I used to trace, but you could just free hand it if you’re good like that.


Trace and Cut.

Then take each layer and kind of scrunch it up one layer at a time.DSC00703

And you get a pretty little flower.


You could do this so many different ways.  More layers, more colors, all one color, bigger, smaller, etc.  The possibilities are ENDLESS!!  haha  I added a few pieces of curled ribbon.


I love it and it adds a little something to the gift.

What do you think?


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