The Ghost in My Kitchen

I was in the kitchen yesterday working on some cookies.  I put Clark on the floor to hang out for a little while.  He’s really good at entertaining himself, especially now that he can roll over.  When we’re in the kitchen, I always put him on a blanket.  Three reasons: 1. It seems more comfortable on the hard floor.  2. He spits up a lot and it’s just easier to pick up the blanket and throw it in the laundry, as opposed to wiping it up.  and 3. I don’t clean the kitchen floor nearly as often as I should.  It’s gross.

He’s also REALLY good at grasping things now.  So it cracked me up when I looked down and saw this…


I wish I had gotten a video of it.  He wasn’t even fussing.  He was just moving his head around like

What’s going on…Why is it so dark?

Of course I got the camera before unwrapping him.  Haha!  My silly little man!

P.S. The cookies I was working on are for a Bridal Shower next week.  I’ll post all about them once the Shower is over.  I’m so proud of how they turned out.


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