Getting Dirty

On Sunday, I wanted Bob to help me rearrange the garden beds in the front of the house.  They didn’t make sense. The plants were all just randomly placed.  So disclaimer: I am a total novice when it comes to gardening.  It’s not really “my thing”.  I like being outside and if I had any clue what I was doing, I would love digging around in the dirt, doing the whole GREEN thing.  I’m hoping that I will gradually learn what I’m doing because I want our curb appeal to be appealing.  Plus, it should be in my blood.  My maternal grandfather was a florist by trade (retired) and my older sister is the bomb dot com at gardening.  She really has a knack for it.  So this is what the bed closest to the sidewalk looked like BEFORE:


Plants thrown in willy-nilly

See the bed in the background right in front of the house?  When we bought the place it came with two dead shrubs to the left of the steps.  We dug those out last spring (and by “we” I mean Bob and Dave, Bob’s cousin) and Bob’s aunt gave me some hosta to bring back from Pittsburgh that I planted HORRIBLY in their place.  I wanted to use two of them in this bed.

So we scooped up the mulch, put it in empty pots we had on hand and dug up all the plants in this bed, except for the tulips.  (I don’t even know the names of any of them, but they are all perennials.  I’m sure I could look them up, but…I don’t care enough.)  I didn’t get a picture of the empty bed because I got distracted by this hottie.


Did you think it was going to be my hubby? He’s hot too, but I didn’t get any pictures.

Then, we dug up the hosta I wanted to use to transplant them here.


I told Bob where I wanted them and he dug the holes and filled ’em in.  We also put a few more tulips in this bed.  This is what the bed looks like now, after we re-mulched.


I just ran outside (in the rain) to get this “almost an after” picture.

So I know it’s not hott stuff yet.  The hosta will fill out a little more and in the mean-time we are going to plant some pretty annuals to the left of them to add some color.  But it looks SO much better, don’t you think?

Next, I’ll post about the bed closest to the house and maybe the ones in the back.  We started our attempt at taming the encroaching english ivy from our neighbor’s house.

My boys were pretty tuckered out after our productive day.

Taken at approximately 9:30pm


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